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Wizard InfoSolutions Private Limited, has tied-up with Birds ERP as implementor in whole NCR area from 15th Sep 2009. We provide 58 modules covering almost every area of business ready to integrate with very nominal price as compare to our competitors

Birds ERP - The PANACEA to Business Growth
This ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Framework is Sure Shot, doable  and suits every business ...Small or Big. not only solves day to day managerial problems but also shows “ways” to take steps towards multifold Success and Progress ...... constant ....consistent.

Various feature of Birds ERP are...
Data Independence
for Decades this has been a major issue for Developers that how to modify the Database without disturbing the associated Application and still maintaining huge Integrations .... that makes it simply .....Simple.

The biggest benefit of the system is its flexibility  to modify/enhance itself without disturbing any other part as Front End and Back End is same.

One can define 'N' no of stages with an associated image with each. Each stage has Primary key values (1-3) to be used later for storing & extraction of data.

Report Drilling
On clicking a particular Row in a Report  that takes you to a new Report or a Transaction related to a specific Entry / value  in unbelievably  low time say again 2 to 5 minutes may be less !

Mapped Parameters - Programming too saved in RDBMS (Back end )
Means there is no Front End coding actually ! and still Look and feel  is like Front end coding ....so simple. There  are the Labels-cum-Variables with automatic background database formation simultaneously and put the back-end issues really on back burner ! configurator needs not worry about database design. Technically speaking all Parameters are stored again in database. These are supported by any font and color too.Just typing a phrase in label before a text box makes new Parameter (Head) and allows user to key in value for the same and mapped in the database much like Human Brain.

Fastest Reporting
With Queries on fly
The most interesting and powerful portion of entire system is Database-Stored queries with dynamic Parameter Parsing ! means on run time query would be parsed with state-of-the-art Query parsing what we call Vth generation Queries. Even Criteria Boxes can be made dynamically by the configurator without knowing a single line of code but SQL. All this is supported by Conditional Formatting for any Row /Cell with any font and Colors.

Groups are Frames to hold a particular types of Parameters in one bucket. Can be either 'Free Flow' (like java) or Tabular to support multiple entries like in bills.

Dynamic Formulae
Multi Selection
Each Parameter can be supported by an MS-Excel type formulae with user friendly variable names (see image cap3) like for salary '=%basic salary%+%hra%-%advance% . It makes system easier for configurator just like Excel worksheet and still extraction like an RDBMS.It also supports Dynamic query or Query on fly like 'select Item from value where wono=%Work Order%' here word/Parameter within %s means real time value for the Variable. more in Reporting section)

E-commerce : Automatic TCP/IP Socket Programmer
PITA is capable of  keep receiving the data automatically from any TCP/IP client after opening a port on Host in just 5 minutes !! you dont have to worry about complicated Code or Database at all !! few keystrokes for Configuration that's it !! The same easiness is there to keep sending the data from our Database on regular intervals to 'n' number of remote hosts and all this without any Database or; Programming hassles, Wonder !

For E-commerce too ! there is a wonderful concept of  GWYW (Grab What You Want) and skip what you dont, on the same TCP/IP based stage. as each parameter is grabbed on the basis of  Offset , so even if undesirable data is arriving our system is ready to accept the Intelligently extracted - data only !!

The system has been /is being tested in one of the India's most advanced Steel Foundry Unit from ISGEC (Saraswati Group)- a major vendor for GE-Canada and Siemens. We introduced the system for their 6 shops with 14 stages, 26 PCs and 1267 parameters covering entire Marketing, Production  dispatch in the record time of 3 months effective implementation time was 1.5 months though) with 4 Engineers team.

Printing Designing Forms
This Module is really and simply unbelievable  as within five minutes one can develop entirely new format !! just putting a  Form  Background Image  ( PDF look alike ) as you see US Custom form or Income Tax Dep't - SARAL forms etc, and then drag and drop relative Mapped  Parameters along with grid Data too (in case of Invoice like data) and that's it !!

for more information about Birds ERP, Please contact at 9212578877
or mail us at info@wizardinfosolutions.co.in

Our Clients :
U.P. Steels, Yamuna Nagar
Parmarth Iron Pvt. Ltd., Bijnor
All India Paper Association, India
Simplex control and Equipments Co, Dehradun
Hitemp Ceramics Co., Muzaffarnagar
Bio Vision (Multi Network Marketing), Muzaffarnagar
Tehri Girders Pvt. Ltd., Muzaffarnagar
Karshni Aluminium Company Pvt. Ltd. Ghaziabad
Rajadhiraj Isurance Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Mathura
Jagdambey Insurance Advisory Pvt.Ltd., Delhi
BTC Iron, Rudrapur UA
Shree Cement Uttaranchal Dump (Shree Durga Cements), Dehradun
Retail & Sign, New Delhi

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